CNN Wrongly Claims There Is No Consensus for Assigning Sex at Birth

CNN Wrongly Claims There Is No Consensus for Assigning Sex at Birth

( – In this day and age, most Americans have to sift through various opinions to separate the facts. But, as mainstream media continues its slippery slide towards the Left, popular news sites publish more ridiculous claims every day. For example, this week, CNN said that no one could agree on how to figure out a baby’s sex at birth.

On Tuesday, March 30, CNN reporter Devan Cole was outlining South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s latest executive order to keep biological men out of women’s sports. In the article, Cole writes that “there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth,” and he adds that the term “biological sex” is actually “disputed.”

Simply because Cole has heard the Left repeat misinformation about biological sex for the past 10 years does not make it true. Most doctors will actually tell you that it is quite easy to identify the sex of a baby at birth with a quick exam. Thankfully, news outlets like the Daily Caller have been quick to call out this strange rhetoric:

While CNN may be confused about how to tell men apart from women, most Americans do not share in that struggle. Continuing to teach future generations the actual facts about human biology is essential to preserving our nation and its ideals.

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