CNN’s CEO Is Shutting Down His Twitter Account

CNN's CEO Is Shutting Down His Twitter Account

( – The rise of the internet brought the ability for anyone to quickly share their thoughts with someone else across the world. Then, social media came along, expediting that process. However, Pew Research estimated that only around 22% of US adults use Twitter, making the site a strange echo chamber that many believe skews the news. With this in mind, CNN’s incoming CEO announced he would shut down his Twitter account when he starts his new gig.

Chris Licht is set to takeover CNN after the company’s former president, Jeff Zucker, left when a relationship scandal with one of his top employees came to light. Licht shared his plans for his first day of work on Twitter:

Licht understands that tweets and Twitter battles have overwhelmed the news more than once, and he’s likely hoping to steer his left-wing news station out of the weeds with this announcement. While he has not forced any reporters to get off the controversial platform, he may be opening up a door to more sensible reporting moving forward.

While some are optimistic about this move, Americans know both CNN and Twitter for censoring dissenting opinions when they don’t line up with their desired rhetoric. Could this move force either platform to be more inclusive, or is this simply another publicity stunt?

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