Co-Founder Says Removing Dislike Button Count Is a Disaster for YouTube

Co-Founder Says Removing Dislike Button Count Is a Disaster for YouTube

( – Earlier this month, Google-owned YouTube announced it would be removing the dislike counter from videos soon. The company publicly stated this was to help protect content creators from “coordinated dislike attacks.” However, YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim called the platform out for its lack of common sense with the move.

Soon after YouTube’s announcement, Karim changed the description on the first-ever YouTube video, which he created and posted back in April 2005. Rather than describing the 18-second video of him with elephants at the zoo, the words underneath now identify the decision against the dislike button counter as “not a good one.”

Karim emphasized the “wisdom of the crowds” drives YouTubers’ success, which shows viewers what other people like and dislike. He highlighted that there’s a lot of bad content on YouTube, and that’s all part of the creative process. But, it takes things like the dislike button and its counter to help people weed the brilliant out from the bad.

Mashable’s tech news division, FutureShift, shared more about the change:

Karim warned, if the video hosting site continues down this path, everything will be “mediocre.” As YouTube continues to stand by its decision that this move will protect content creators from harassment, Karim still has a good point when he says “nothing can be great if nothing is bad.”

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