Concerns Grow Over Migrants Moved by “Ghost Flights”

Concerns Grow Over Migrants Moved by

( – President Joe Biden’s administration has taken heat over the last several months for shipping thousands of migrants across the country. Oftentimes, these immigrants are dispersed throughout the country in the middle of the night, leaving many Americans to wonder if the federal government is trying to hide something under the cover of darkness.

In January, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) finally responded to requests for information about the flights. It revealed 71,617 undocumented immigrants were sent to almost 20 cities throughout the country. More than half of the migrants, about 40,000, were unaccompanied minors. There are many questions about what happens to those minors when they are placed in the custody of relatives or foster parents.

Exploitation of Minors

In September 2021, The National Law Review (NLR) issued an alert about agriculture businesses exploiting unaccompanied minors who were in the US. The alert highlighted previous problems with DHS not keeping track of the children when they’re placed with sponsors, leaving open the possibility of those kids being forced to work in the agriculture industry.

About a month before the NLR alert, Bloomberg Law reported on a federal investigation into whether unaccompanied teenagers were being released into the custody of labor traffickers who were forcing them to work in chicken factories. The Health and Human Services (HHS) stopped sending minors to two Alabama and Oregon towns after reports indicated kids were being trafficked. A DOJ lawyer told the news outlet that “significant numbers of minors and sponsors [were] involved.”

Poor Monitoring

An Axios report published last year slammed the Biden administration for losing track of thousands of unaccompanied minors. A Freedom of Information Act request revealed about a third, or 4,890, of the check-in calls made between January and May 2021 to minors and their sponsors went unanswered. To put that into perspective, former President Donald Trump’s administration was criticized for not tracking about 1,500 kids. Biden’s administration almost tripled that number.

During that time, the HHS sent 32,000 underage kids to live with relatives or sponsors, but it placed less than 15,000 calls to check up on the kids once they were out of sight.

Serious Questions

In addition to the issues mentioned above, there are many other problems with the way the Biden administration is handling migrant children. There are allegations that unaccompanied minors are being sexually abused once they are placed in homes. The HHS revealed 33 instances of sexual abuse from January 21, 2021, through February 25, 2021.

Then, there are questions about whether sponsors and unaccompanied minors are being properly vetted. An alleged minor was sent to Florida last year to live with 46-year-old Francisco Javier Cuellar. The underage immigrant wasn’t underage after all and murdered the father of four. In other cases, actual minors are sent to live with relatives who are also illegal, not giving the government the ability to properly vet them.

While a lot of the attention about the migrant flights has focused on what time of the day they land, there are clearly much bigger concerns to worry about. Like is the Biden administration allowing these kids to suffer abuse and neglect?

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