Congress Is Reconvening to Pressure Biden and Trump to Fight For COVID Relief (REPORT)

Congress Is Reconvening to Pressure Biden and Trump to Fight For COVID Relief (REPORT)

( – As COVID-19 cases surge, more Americans are hurting as their unemployment benefits run out and new lockdowns take hold. But, a glimmer of hope appeared as members of Congress returned to Washington, DC on Monday, November 30. Likely under pressure from both President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, hopefully, our lawmakers can bring economic relief to our nation.

While stimulus bill negotiations are being held this week, Congress must also pass a spending bill to delay a government shutdown on December 11. It also needs to swear in Senator-elect Mark Kelly (D-AZ), confirm multiple judges in the Senate, and vote on the MORE Act, a bill to legalize marijuana at the federal level. CSPAN producer Craig Caplan shares more of what’s on the House’s agenda:

This shows a stimulus bill is not the only thing Congress needs to get done in the coming days. Democrats still hope to pass the $2.2-trillion HEROES Act, although the GOP is hoping for a more targeted $500 billion package.

Behind the scenes, Biden may be pushing Democrats to accept a smaller relief bill before Christmas with the hope to pass a larger bill if he’s sworn in in January. Only time will tell if Congress will be able to agree on how to provide relief to Americans. Hopefully, they can find a compromise both sides can agree on in the short term.

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