Congress Unveils New Rule for Feds to Bypass “Buy American”

Congress Unveils New Rule for Feds to Bypass

( – It seems that for every apparent step forward the Democrats make, they take two steps back. Since the inception of Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, the president has shared his excitement for the included “Buy American” mandate. However, now that the final bill is out, it seems there are still plenty of ways for federal agencies to get out of having to support American companies with their business.

On Sunday, August 1, the Senate released the final proposal of the 2,702-page infrastructure bill. Within the enormous bill is a myriad of questionable grants and provisions benefiting different senators and states, but most notable are the exceptions to the “Buy American” rule.

According to the bill, the head of a Federal agency can waive the Buy American requirement if they can prove one of three things:

  • Buying American “would be inconsistent with the public interest”
  • The construction materials are “insufficient” or not of “satisfactory quality”
  • It would “increase the cost of the overall project by more than 25 percent”

With how cheaply China and other nations can manufacture goods, including solar panels and electric vehicles, it’s likely agencies could bypass the Buy American rule quite often if they wanted to.

One American highlighted how this will only further hurt America’s middle class:

Hopefully, Senators will take the time to actually read the bill and understand what it allows. Our lawmakers need to protect our nation, and its workers, and ensure the government uses its money to support American jobs as much as possible if we’re truly going to keep America a strong nation.

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