Congressional Map Changes Likely After Republican Victories in Elections

Congressional Map Changes Likely After Republican Victories In Elections

( – Every 10 years, states that lose or gain a representative in the House must draw new lines to set up voting districts for the next decade. But, these new maps are hotly debated and often set off a series of lawsuits from the opposing party. This year, some states could add likely Republican seats with their new maps.

Most redistricting this year will stay in favor of Republicans because of all the GOP wins this year in state-level elections. The Republican State Leadership Committee summarised the victories:

Republicans are in charge of redistricting in states that hold 175 seats in the House this year, while Democrats only will redraw the map for 47 seats. Bipartisan and independent commissions will draw 161 seats, and both parties hold equal control over the final 45 seats.

North Carolina is likely to receive another seat in the House, so the GOP-majority legislature will likely draw a new conservative-leaning district to secure another Republican seat.

While Democrats did show good voter turnout this year, it wasn’t enough to combat the fierce and loyal Republicans who ran in state-level elections. Their influence on the state and local level will help keep our districts providing free and fair elections.

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