Congresswoman Starts Carrying Gun After Death Threats

Congresswoman Starts Carrying Gun After Death Threats

( – Many Americans have experienced a time where they felt unsafe, threatened, or intimidated. For this reason, many citizens take steps to protect themselves and their families, to potentially include carrying a gun as allowed by local and state laws. Last week, one congresswoman joined the ranks of those Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights after her home was vandalized with Antifa graffiti.

The morning of July 1, House Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) woke up in her Charleston, South Carolina home to vandalism all over her fence, home, and sidewalk. The graffiti included three Antifa symbols, instances of profanity, and phrases including “pass the pro act,” a Democrat-led bill focusing on unionization.

Mace shared a video describing the vandalism and her reaction to it on Twitter:

Mace highlighted how one of her children had been out on their bike the evening before and noted how frightening it was that they no longer feel safe on their own front porch. During an interview with “Fox & Friends First,” Mace shared how “glad and grateful” she is to be able to carry a gun “just about wherever I go” now. She went on to say it’s the single most important thing to have her “feeling safe and feeling empowered.”

As Liberals continue to push for a gun ban, they need to remember how many Americans use them for self-protection. Without such an option, many citizens would live in fear without a way to defend themselves and their loved ones.

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