Conservative Values of Donald Trump’s Appointed Justices Are About to Pay Off

Conservative Values of Donald Trump's Appointed Justices Are About to Pay Off

( – Former President Donald Trump may not be in the White House right now, but the work he put in during his first term is still making waves across our nation. In his four years in office, Trump appointed 234 lower court judges and 3 Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justices, the latter of which will be deciding many high-profile cases in the coming months.

After President Trump’s push to renew our justice system, SCOTUS leans conservative with a 6-3 majority. This term’s docket includes cases involving the right to concealed carry in New York. it also includes bans on abortion and the right for adoption agencies to discriminate based on the sexual orientation of the potential foster parent. The court already heard a challenge to Obamacare and is expected to give a ruling soon.

Huntsville, Alabama news station WAAY 31 shared more about what the conservative court could do:

Thanks to President Trump’s dedication to the American people and his strategic planning, our nation’s courts reflect the values of our nation and hopefully will protect them against the radical agenda of the Left.

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