Constitutional Scholar Stunned – Hunter And Joe Biden Shared Joint Bank Account

Constitutional Scholar Stunned - Hunter And Joe Biden Shared Joint Bank Account

( – As investigators continue to discover emails and messages in Hunter Biden’s scandalous laptop, the situation surrounding the president’s son only gets murkier. This time, President Joe Biden is likely getting dragged into the money laundering mess, too. Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley addressed this recent report, highlighting that it “is getting more and more serious.”

On Tuesday, October 12, the Daily Mail wrote an exclusive report detailing a shared bank account between Hunter and Joe Biden. According to emails between Hunter and Eric Schwerin, a consultant with Rosemont Seneca, Hunter paid many of his father’s bills while he was in office in addition to sharing a bank account.

One conservative radio talk show highlighted how sketchy this appears, especially in light of the current FBI investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes and overseas business dealings:

On Wednesday, October 13, Turley spoke with “Fox & Friends” about the issue, emphasizing how this report leaves “serious questions” about the presidential family’s “extensive influence-peddling operation” that could potentially incriminate the President of the United States.

While a thorough investigation is necessary to uncover just what money the two Bidens exchanged while Joe was in office, this report surely does not look good for the commander-in-chief. Hopefully, the FBI will be fast and thorough to give the American people the answers they deserve.

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