Convicted Terrorist To Get a Gender Surgery Paid for by Taxpayers

Convicted Terrorist To Get a Gender Surgery Paid for by Taxpayers

THIS Convicted TERRORIST To Get Transgender Surgery

( – In 1994, Cristina Iglesias went to prison for mailing death threats to federal judges. Then, in 2005, right when she was about to be released, she sent white powder to the British Commonwealth and Foreign Office in London, claiming it was anthrax, alongside a note saying she wished they would die. Now, this convicted felon, who was born male and suffers from gender dysphoria, may receive a transgender reassignment surgery on America’s dime.

On May 27, the Federal Bureau of Prisons came to a settlement agreement that it would pay for convicted terrorist Christina Iglesias’ gender-affirming surgeries, which include breast augmentation, laser hair removal, vaginoplasty, and facial restructuring. The judge ruled that these surgeries should happen as soon as possible to allow her to fully recover before she is released in December.

The ACLU of Illinois helped her win this case, citing the 8th Amendment, which limits cruel and unusual punishments for prisoners, such as the mental anguish of living in a body that does match the gender they believe they are. Iglesias is not the only inmate seeking transgender surgery on the taxpayer’s dime, however. Fox News shared another case:

It is Iglesias’ right to have this surgery, as it is a personal choice she can make in this country. The question is, should it be paid for with tax dollars? With this ruling, the judge has opened the door for any other prisoner to ask for a body-altering surgery if they are in distress about their body image, whether that be gender, hair, skin color, or something else. Should the government pay for all of that, too?

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