Cookies Recall Over Concern They May Contain Rocks

( – Trader Joe’s announced a recall of two cookie brands on their shelves due to possible contaminants. The supplier notified the retailer on July 21 that two cookies “may contain rocks”. Trader Joe’s wasted no time making announcements and removing cookies from shelves. The involved cookies are the Almond Windmill Cookies and the Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Customers are advised to return products to the store or dispose of cookies.

Product recalls are increasing in occurrence and severity. Contaminants such as nuts, salmonella, or listeria cause massive recalls of products already on the shelves. A 2008 recall of peanuts cost the food industry over a billion dollars and led to massive changes in the U.S. peanut business as the company was forced to file for bankruptcy.

While most people view these recalls as an inconvenience or a waste of food, the medically vulnerable could not survive a case of salmonella. A person with a nut allergy knows that an attack may kill them. Then there are the massive automotive recalls that affect the everyday safety of people on the roadways.

Some companies suffer due to recalls of products, but Trader Joe’s will likely do fine. They may have their name on the products, but they do not manufacture the product. As an unorthodox grocer, they buck standard practices and instead focus on quality products and a shorter supply chain. Their truck-to-shelf model keeps inventory moving quickly, not sitting in the back. Trader Joe’s also doesn’t allow supplier favoritism, where suppliers pay for prime spots on shelves or endcaps.

Trader Joe’s carries limited-section quality products, often in seasonal iterations, that entice people to visit often. Once an item is sold out, it may be gone for the season or possibly forever. The beauty section is often touted as a gold mine at Trader Joe’s.

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