Court Orders College To Explain Why It’s Keeping Biden’s Records a Secret

Court Orders College To Explain Why It's Keeping Biden's Records a Secret

Court ORDER – Explain Why Biden’s Secret Records Remain Hidden

( – Before President Joe Biden became Vice President Joe Biden for Barak Obama in 2008, he served as a senator for Delaware for over 30 years. During that time, he racked up an immense amount of records, including bill drafts, schedules, correspondence, and committee reports. In 2012, he chose to donate all of that to the University of Delaware, who promised to keep it out of the public eye until two years after Biden leaves public office. However, a court just ordered the school to explain why it is being so secretive about the information.

In July 2020, the Daily Caller News Foundation and Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suit to gain access to Biden’s senate records kept by the University of Delaware. However, the college’s library would not share any of the content of the 1,875 boxes it has from his congressional days.

After the university said it would still not allow the contents of the boxes to become public, conservative groups objected, forcing the Delaware Superior Court to look at the case. On August 23, Judge Mary Johnston ordered the University to give a proper explanation of why it would not release Biden’s congressional records.

As the school continues to keep a lid on the boxes, it only brings up more questions about what it is trying to protect within them. Many people believe they could have more information about his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings or information about Tara Reade’s 1993 sexual harassment accusation against Biden.

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