COVID Discrimination Declared ILLEGAL

Canadian Province To Start Making COVID Discrimination Illegal

Canadian Province To Start Making COVID Discrimination Illegal

( – Now that the pandemic is mostly in our rearview mirror, individuals and government alike are looking back over the decisions they made during that time, and some don’t like what they see. Attitudes are especially changing in terms of the vaccine, especially after a Pfizer executive admitted the company had not tested theirs for transmission efficacy prior to its Emergency Use Authorization. In Australia, the government is now offering to pay for funerals for people who died as a result of the shot. Now, a Canadian leader is apologizing for the discrimination experienced by the unvaccinated — and she’s vowing to make things right.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith recently spoke to the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and began addressing the vaccine discrimination that began in 2020. She noted she is “deeply sorry for anyone who was inappropriately subjected to discrimination as a result of their vaccine status,” including those who were released from government employment based on their refusal to get the inoculation. She said those employees would be welcomed back if that’s what they wanted.

Smith also announced she would change the Human Rights Code to make it illegal to discriminate against someone based on their vaccination status. She warned businesses still doing so that they need to make a “serious pivot” to ensure they align with the soon-to-be new requirements.

Canada had some of the strictest COVID restrictions, including jailing pastors holding outdoor church services. It seems now some governments are finally starting to admit their missteps over the past three years and trying and make amends for them.

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