COVID Tracking Tools Don’t Work and Pose Privacy Issues, Report Finds

COVID Tracking Tools Don't Work and Pose Privacy Issues, Report Finds

( – If dealing with the novel coronavirus itself wasn’t difficult enough, Americans are now having to navigate the labyrinth of COVID tracking tools and apps in a world that sometimes demands proof of vaccination. Yet, a new report shows these vaccine passports are not only faulty and easy to hack, but also “threaten a new form of segregation.”

On Wednesday, June 2, the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP) released a report about how unreliable vaccine apps, such as New York’s Excelsior Pass, are. Senior researcher at Human Rights Watch Kyle Knight shared just how easy it is to hack New York’s vaccine passport:

Similarly, the report noted that vaccine requirements could bar people from everyday necessities like transit, stores, and public life. In addition, the approximately 15% of Americans that do not have smartphones would be unable to use this unreliable technology. In case it wasn’t clear before, Americans now know that vaccine passports are not only faulty, but they are truly a new form of discrimination and should not be used.

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