Cybersecurity Threats a Major Focus in 2021

Cybersecurity Threats a Major Focus in 2021

( – Americans’ home internet usage skyrocketed this year when people began working from home more, and more businesses shifted to virtual workplaces. But, this quick increase in online traffic left a weakness that cyber criminals hope to exploit.

Cybersecurity threats have been aggressive this year, with hackers hitting medical systems, everyday citizens, and even government emails with ransomware and phishing schemes. Heading into 2021, cybersecurity threats will be even bigger. Here are a few facing our nation:

  • Hackers will focus on hitting now-outdated Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as many businesses still use them when their employees work from home
  • Many remote workers use personal laptops that have not been set up with proper malware protection
  • Increased internet use and new technologies mean more data is online and, therefore, more at risk than ever before

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) shares more on how to keep your data safe not only for this holiday season, but into 2021 as well:

Hackers constantly try to steal information to sell it or demand a ransom. But, keeping your personal data offline, changing your passwords regularly, and keeping your security software up to date will go far in protecting you from cybersecurity threats next year.

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