Dan Crenshaw Roasts HHS For Surprise at COVID Infections Among Illegals

Dan Crenshaw Roasts HHS For Surprise at COVID Infections Among Illegals

(ConservativeInsider.org) – It’s over a year and a half into the coronavirus pandemic, and Americans and government officials know more or less how COVID-19 spreads. Yet, Homeland Security (HHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas attempted to feign surprise when he read the data about how many illegal immigrants likely have the virus as they cross the US border. These comments understandably drew a lot of criticism from the GOP lawmakers.

During a virtual session at Georgetown University’s 18th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference, Mayorkas commented that he “didn’t expect” the Delta variant to become so prominent. According to the secretary, approximately 20% of illegal immigrants have an active case of COVID-19, although they don’t get tested before Border Patrol releases them into the US.

House Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) publicly called out Mayorkas for his attempt to seem “surprised” on Twitter:

Somehow, Mayorkas is able to act surprised at the number of COVID-19 cases when he lets tens of thousands of immigrants into congested holding areas, only to enter the US shortly after without a place to go or a negative coronavirus test. On top of the national security crisis of potentially infected illegals flooding the border, they also likely carry the virus Americans have been trying to avoid for nearly two years. Taking all this into consideration, it’s no wonder Crenshaw hopes to impeach Mayorkas.

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