DC Insider Says Biden Health Threat a “National Security” Issue

DC Insider Says Biden Health Threat a

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The leader of the free world has tremendous power over our nation’s security and international policy. He even has the ability to launch a nuclear weapon at the drop of a hat. But, with this power comes immense responsibility, and some are questioning whether President Joe Biden should still be wielding it.

In December of 2019, President Joe Biden was given a clean bill of health by Doctor Kevin O’Connor. However, in the almost year and a half since then, DC insiders have shared multiple reports that the president is no longer performing at the top of his game physically or mentally.

On Sunday, March 21, feminist author and former political advisor Dr. Naomi Wolf spoke with Steve Malzberg on the show Eat the Press. Wolf highlighted Biden’s health, noting that he’s “struggling physically” and that this could be a major national security concern. She urged the American people to talk on this issue “without partisanship” in order to seek the best for our nation.

House Representative and former White House physician Ronny Jackson shared his thoughts on President Biden’s health:

We all have loved ones close to us who no longer perform as well as they used to. But, most of those people have not had the responsibility and power that President Biden does. If our commander-in-chief truly has deteriorating health, the American people deserve to know so that we can protect our nation and our future.

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