Deaths Soar Nearly 20% As New Traffic Crisis Hits

Deaths Soar Nearly 20% As New Traffic Crisis Hits

( – Many Americans enjoy the privilege of driving a car and often take it for granted. However, this common activity is not without its risks, and new data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed that it’s actually getting more dangerous.

According to data from NHTSA, traffic crashes killed approximately 20,160 people during the first half of 2021. This statistic shows an 18.4% rise from the 17,020 traffic fatalities in the first 6 months of 2020. While some wanted to blame the increase on Americans simply driving more as COVID-19 restrictions ease, this year marked the most fatalities in the same time period since 2006.

Visiting Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School David Zipper shared Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s words on the subject:

NHTSA cited research showing that driving may be getting more dangerous because people are making more reckless decisions on the roads. From not wearing a seatbelt to getting angry behind the wheel, there have been more incidents of speeding and traveling unsafely this year than before.

Buttigieg emphasized he wants “all levels of government, industries, advocates, engineers, and communities” to fight back against this crisis. Hopefully, together, we can make our roads safer and reduce the terrible losses of traffic fatalities.

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