Democrat Leader Avoids Jail Time By Resigning

Democrat Leader Avoids Jail Time By Resigning

( – Mayors can bring revolutionary change to their cities, making small-town politics critical to building healthy communities across the United States. But, one Democratic mayor brought more than just a little change. She also brought criminal allegations to the Rochester, New York office.

On Monday, October 4, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren (D) pleaded guilty to knowingly accepting more campaign contributions to her 2017 re-election campaign than the law allowed. Warren agreed to leave office by December 1, 2021, and got away with only a misdemeanor charge with her plea deal. If her case had gone to court, she likely would have faced a felony conviction and lost her law license.

Berkeley Brean, a reporter for News 10NBC in Rochester, shared the news as it broke:

When Warren was first elected, she made history as the first black mayor of Rochester. But, faced with charges of a felony related to knowingly accepting excessive campaign contributions and later facing more charges related to endangering her daughter’s welfare, criminal possession of a firearm, and failure to secure that firearm, her tenure as Mayor was cut very short. Her plea deal settled all those allegations.

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