Democrat Mayor Hires Registered Offender of Minors to Inspect Homes

Democrat Mayor Hires Registered Offender of Minors to Inspect Homes

( – While leaders in the federal government can have enormous impacts on the trajectory of America and its economy, it’s often local governments that affect citizens’ daily lives the most. In one small town outside of Chicago, a newly elected Democratic mayor just put all of her communities’ families at risk by hiring a convicted felon with a history of assaulting girls to inspect local homes and businesses.

On September 20, town records from Dolton, Illinois revealed that Mayor Tiffany Henyard hired Lavelle Redmond as a code enforcement officer for the village. However, in 1991, a court convicted Redmond, 46, of kidnapping and sexually assaulting two female teenagers. He served 24 years in prison and is a registered child sex offender.

However, for some reason, Mayor Henyard thought it a good idea to hire this convicted felon to enter into various community businesses, homes, and buildings to ensure they’re up to code. One Twitter user highlighted how scary this situation is for those who live in the city:

This is a clear example of a politician making a dangerous decision that directly affects their constituents, yet the mainstream media does not seem to be picking up this story. As corruption and lies continue to pervade politics, it’s essential that media outlets expose these dangers in order to keep Americans and their families safe.

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