Democrat Mayors Finally Getting Heat in Their Crime-Filled Cities

Democrat Mayors Finally Getting Heat in Their Crime-Filled Cities

( – Over the past two years, various cities across the nation have seen huge upticks in crime, from murder to snatch-and-grab robberies. Democrats lead most of the communities that face this violent trend and continue to promise their constituents safer streets while delivering the exact opposite. Now, even businesses are starting to push back.

According to FBI data, murder in the United States rose by 30% from 2019 to 2020. In New York City, 2021 set a record high for murders. This comes as Democratic mayors push for smaller police departments while lessening the punishments for serious crimes.

One conservative laid out the clear trend they saw in these cities:

In Chicago, where smash-and-grab robberies are getting more popular as the holidays arrive, Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot told businesses she was “disappointed” they don’t have enough security in their stores to fight the crime. Not surprisingly, many retailers said Lightfoot was misinformed and called on her to make the city safer like she promised.

In a similar vein, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner told reporters there’s no “crisis of crime” in his city, despite the fact that there was a 13% increase in homicides from 2020 to 2021. It’s clear the Left is letting crime run free at the expense of everyday Americans. If this trend continues, citizens could use the 2022 midterms to push back on the Left’s easy-on-crime trend.

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