Democrat-Run City Votes To Crack Down on Homeless People

Democrat-Run City Votes To Crack Down on Homeless People Once Again

Democrats Order CRACKDOWN On Poor

( – As a sanctuary city, Los Angeles is a magnet for undocumented immigrants who want to temporarily set up a home base as they figure out what their next step is. But, illegal migrants only make up a portion of the over 66,000 estimated homeless people on the city’s streets in 2020. Now, LA is apparently getting tired of its housing-challenged population as it just voted to ensure its encampments stay away from schools and daycares.

On Tuesday, August 9, protestors disrupted the Los Angeles City Council as it was trying to vote to extend a ban on homeless tent cities near schools. After the council managed to reconvene for the third time after the interruptions, it finally voted 11-3 to ensure the camps remain over 500 feet away from daycares and education centers.

People opposed to the ban highlight that it further separates people who desperately need the city’s resources from those who can help them. However, supporters of the legislation highlight how students and small children should not be exposed to the camps, which often include sex and drug trafficking.

To become law, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti would have to sign the ban, which would affect homeless people near the county’s 750 public schools and close to 1,000 daycares. Do you think this new ban is hypocritical in a city that invites people to come to it in the first place?

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