Democrats’ Attempt to Blame School Shooting on Open Carry Backfires

Democrats' Attempt to Blame School Shooting on Open Carry Backfires

( – Anytime a school shooting occurs, it strikes fear into every parent’s heart. Understandably, gun control activists often use these situations to highlight what they believe are unsafe gun laws. However, the most recent incident where Democrats tried to blame a school shooting on a gun law backfired spectacularly.

Texas Teen Open Fires in High School Classroom

On Wednesday, October 6, 18-year-old Timothy George Simpkins got in a fight with another student before opening fire with a .45-caliber handgun in the classroom. The bullets injured two students and a teacher, and medical personnel believe all will recover despite the fact one 15-year old student is still in the ICU.

After fleeing the scene, Simpkins eventually found his lawyer and turned himself in to the local police department. The county set the alleged shooter’s bail at $75,000, posted before his release on Thursday, October 7.

Gun Activists React to the Shooting

With this most recent shooting, gun control activists quickly jumped on the opportunity to criticize Texas gun laws. Mother Jones‘s Ari Berman claimed that the Texas GOP “passed [a] law this year allowing you to carry [a] gun without training or permit.” Similarly, Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts criticized the same law, saying it made it “immeasurably easier for a student to get access to a gun.”

However, neither of these statements is true, something that Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) was quick to point out. The day after the shooting, Governor Abbott addressed his citizens, saying, “Under Texas law, it is illegal for the shooter to possess or have purchased the gun that was used in…[the] crime.”

Simpkins is only 18, making it illegal for him to carry any concealed weapon. Both activists referenced the Texas open carry law, which only applies to people 21 and older, thus nullifying the allegations.

So What Is to Blame for the School Shooting?

Simpkin’s family shared their thoughts with reporters and on social media about the situation. Many believe fellow students bullied Timothy and even stole from him, causing him emotional distress. They believe other teenagers targeted him for his “nice clothes” and “nice cars,” and multiple relatives said how thankful they were he did not commit suicide after the shooting.

This school shooting was not the first this year, and it won’t be the last. Hopefully, both gun control advocates and Second Amendment rights supporters will see the complexity behind gun violence and how difficult it is to boil down these instances to simple matters of cause and effect.

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