Democrats Pass Bill Strengthening Unions Over Businesses

Democrats Pass Bill Strengthening Unions Over Businesses

( – Democrats have often touted their side as the “Party of the People,” but time and again, they’ve shown where their true allegiances lie. This week was no different, as House Democrats passed a bill prioritizing unions and big donors over everyday Americans.

On Tuesday, March 9, the US House voted 225-206 along party lines to pass the Protecting the Right to Organize Act. The legislation penalizes companies that violate labor laws and blocks laws in 27 states that allow employees to forgo paying union dues. While advocates for the bill say it’s a step forward for improving the lives of workers, Republicans push back, stating that the bill takes away freedom from middle-class entrepreneurs, independant contractors and individuals, and could destabilize the American workforce.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) shared more about why the Left is supporting unions rather than fighting for working-class Americans:

While the Democrats continue to say this bill is about protecting workers, we can see right through it. This latest legislation is a simple power grab that will likely not reach the 60 needed votes to pass in the Senate.

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