Democrats Scrambling After Losing Massive Political Battle

Democrats Scrambling After Losing Massive Political Battle

( – Republicans successfully held back the Democrats’ push to loosen voter ID requirements when they blocked the “For the People Act” last month. But, the Progressives on the Left are continuing to rush their radical agenda through alternate means after they were thwarted by Congress.

On Monday, July 12, the House Committee on Administration met to discuss what power the federal government and Congress have over state-run elections. Democrats in the committee are clearly seeking loopholes within the Constitution with which to further their own agenda through back channels rather than using the legislative branch to make and amend laws as provided by our nation’s founding document.

The Washington Examiner shared more about how the Left is trying to revamp elections from the bottom up:

Representative Bryan Steil (R-WI) emphasized how Democrats should have held their committee meeting to examine the constitutionality of their desired election reforms “before the drafting and introduction and passage of H.R. 1.” That would have shown them that their “For the People Act” doesn’t line up with the Constitution and, ideally, could have stopped their radical legislation push earlier. But, Democrats have never taken losing well, whether it’s when their candidate loses a presidential election or when they’re unable to get the votes to pass their agenda. Apparently, this is no exception.

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