Democrats Seek to Take Control of Nukes Away From Biden

Democrats Seek to Take Control of Nukes Away From Biden

( – President Joe Biden is notorious for verbal slip-ups and often seems a bit aloof. His demeanor rarely demands confidence from those around him, which is perhaps why Democrats are pushing for him to give up sole control over our country’s nuclear weapons.

On Monday, February 22, 31 Democratic lawmakers banded together to ask President Biden to “end the sole authority” of the president to instigate a nuclear attack. POLITICO shared the letter on Twitter:

The letter shares examples of past presidents who have threatened a nuclear attack or where there have been concerns about the “president’s judgment.” They assert that having all the power to launch a nuclear attack centered on one person poses risks to our nation and our world. But, to have Democrats asking their own elected leader to give up this control may show signs of doubt in his ability to lead.

Our ability to launch a swift nuclear attack is just one aspect of our incredible national security. While we never want to launch one, the ability to, if needed, is a huge advantage. That is, as long as the one with the power to do so is mentally fit for duty.

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