Democrats Take Huge Gamble, Bet the Bank Against Donald Trump in Midterms

Democrats Take Huge Gamble, Bet the Bank Against Donald Trump in Midterms

( – As the 2022 midterms draw near, both parties are rallying hard behind their candidates, often launching targeted ad campaigns against competitors. This season, it seems Democrats have decided to equate their opponents with former President Donald Trump in hopes that it will deter voters from supporting other GOP candidates. However, some Americans think this plan may backfire.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) hopes to be re-elected this November, if he can successfully beat Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. The former governor launched multiple ads against his competitor, likening him to President Trump. However, one Virginian highlighted the strange strategy on Twitter:

Democrats in California are using this tactic in California Governor Gavin Newsom’s (D) recall election, hoping to stir up contempt for the 45th president and force that dislike onto Larry Elder, his main opponent should the recall succeed.

However, over the past month, more Americans became increasingly disappointed with President Joe Biden and the Democratic party, making some wonder if the Left’s plan to attack candidates with similar values to President Trump will actually turn against them.

If it does, it could have an impact on the GOP to take back the House come 2022.

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