Democrats Target Confederate Statues With Stimulus Money

Democrats Target Confederate Statues With Stimulus Money

( – Democrats are notorious for changing terminology to better serve their liberal agenda. This time they’re putting aside stimulus negotiations and, instead, proposing bills that would grant enormous amounts of money to states in an attempt to rewrite history.

On February 1, House Representative Bobby Rush (D-IL) introduced the “Rejecting and Eliminating the Foul Use of Symbols Exulting Confederate Principles Act,” or the REFUSE Confederate Principles Act for short. If passed, it would allow the National Park Service to provide grants to states hoping to remove Confederate symbols and replace them with structures that “commemorate the freedom of enslaved Black people.”

The bill allocates $15 million in federal funds for the program every year until 2031. The National Pulse shared more:

This proposal is clearly trying to rewrite history. Rather than using Confederate statues and memorials to teach and discuss the differences our nation has faced and our less-than-perfect past, Democrats want to eliminate a portion of our history and forcibly change the narrative.

Every statue in our nation tells a story. Rather than erasing these moments of history from our nation, we should honor them and share the lessons with future generations so we can learn from both the good and bad in our country’s past.

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