Democrats Trying to Put Tracking Tech in Cars

Democrats Trying to Put Tracking Tech in Cars

( – Whenever a new bill is passed, there are often little things snuck into the legislation that go unnoticed for a while. The 2,702-page bipartisan infrastructure was no exception. This time, however, the sneaky provision could require cars in the near future to have anti-drunk driving software installed before they leave the manufacturing line.

On Monday, August 2, Reuters first reported on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act currently making its way through the Senate. It has a clause telling the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to study anti-drunk driving systems and how to make them mandatory in the next three years.

Technology news and review site Engadget shared the news on Twitter:

Once the new rules are established, vehicle manufacturers would have two years to comply with the latest regulations. This addition to new cars will likely be joined by anti-crash systems like automatic braking and lane departure alarms. According to Bloomberg, alerts to have parents check the back seat for children before they exit could also be included.

While these new mandates on vehicles are meant to save lives, they’re also a clear invasion of American privacy. The simple concept creates a multitude of other questions as to what else the government may want to monitor in our daily lives.

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