Democrats Want to Launch a “Patriot Tax” to Target Patriots

Democrats Want to Launch a

( – So many people from around the world dream of coming to America because they have hope that if they work hard and have a bit of luck and wit, they can be successful and live the life of their dreams. However, a new Democrat proposal would punish people for such accomplishments by charging the wealthiest Americans a “patriot tax.”

On Friday, June 11, House Representative Thomas Suozzi (D-NY) spoke with The Hill and outlined his idea of a one-time surcharge the richest Americans would have to pay. He believes his plan could raise around $450 billion that the Left could use on their ridiculous “build back better” agenda.

One American saw right through Suozzi’s proposal and warned his fellow Americans where it would lead:

While the richest people in our country could probably easily afford the proposed 2.5% to 5% tax, that’s not the issue. Instead, the problem stems from the government forcing the rich to pay for the current administration’s every whim while continuing to set the groundwork for socialism.

While the thought of a one-time tax can sound tempting to help bail our nation out of its unfathomable debt, there’s no end to such thinking. Rather than punishing people for their life’s work, ingenuity, and creativity, we should celebrate it, because that’s part of what makes — and keeps — America great.

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