Devin Nunes Demands Identity of Officer Who Shot Unarmed Woman at Capitol

Devin Nunes Demands Identity of Officer Who Shot Unarmed Woman at Capitol

( – It’s been over five months since the chaos of January 6 unfolded on Capitol Hill. Yet, the name of the officer who killed US Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit has not been released. Thankfully, House Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) sounded the alarm about this issue this week while speaking with Newsmax host Greg Kelly.

On Wednesday, June 9, Representative Nunes spoke with Kelly about the double standard that’s currently held with officer-involved shootings. He highlighted how in “any normal” officer-involved shooting, the name of the officer in question and the accompanying body cam footage is released quickly. Yet, with the Capitol incident, the public, including Babbitt’s husband, has been provided very little information.

Understandably, many Americans are upset about this and are raising awareness:

The Babbitt family has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, and Nunes hopes that will bring clarity and closure to all involved. However, the congressman also highlighted that the public has not seen the approximately 14,000 hours of video footage that was taken inside the Capitol that day either.

With all of these unanswered questions, it makes many Americans wonder why Democrats continue to hide this information and if people who invaded the Capitol on January 6 are truly being given their due process.

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