Disastrous Chicken Disease Forces Prices to Rise

Disastrous Chicken Disease Forces Prices to Rise

Prices About to SOAR on EGGS!

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Every so often, a disease ravages a species, killing off millions of animals — either through sickness or culling. Sadly, that is happening again among wild and domesticated birds as the avian flu spikes. A new outbreak is currently hitting Americans even harder than usual as it pushes chicken and egg prices higher amidst already intense inflation.

Avian influenza, commonly called bird flu, has infected commercial and backyard chicken flocks in 32 states since January, according to the CDC. Over 37 million poultry birds have died because of the disease, greatly decreasing the supply of both chicken meat and eggs. Industry experts believe this will also affect turkey supply and prices in the fall when Thanksgiving rolls around.

CBS News shared more about this disheartening news:

While the bird flu poses little risk to humans, the birds themselves either die or are euthanized before they can spread the disease further. However, it is important to still cook chicken and eggs to reach 165 degrees to kill off any potential bacteria.

Chicken eggs are a staple of the American diet, from being baked into bread and sweets to being served on the breakfast table every day. So, when the price of a dozen Grade A large eggs jumps 12% in just a week, as it did last month according to the USDA, it will certainly take a toll on Americans’ budgets.

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