Disgraced Former McDonald’s CEO Gives Back $105M

Disgraced Former McDonald's CEO Gives Back $105M

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Stories come out nearly every week where someone in power abused their position to take advantage of employees, subordinates, or those in their general sphere of influence. One such example comes from McDonald’s, where former CEO Steve Easterbrook had to forfeit his severance package to the enormous burger chain for his previously undisclosed inappropriate relationships and misconduct.

In December 2021, Easterbrook and McDonald’s reached a deal where he would return $105 million in stock and cash to the company after an investigation uncovered the burger chain could have fired him in 2019 “for cause.” Previously, McDonald’s had only dismissed the CEO for demonstrating poor judgment in relationships with employees and allowed him to walk away with over $40 million while avoiding a legal dispute.

However, in 2020, another McDonald’s employee disclosed yet one more sexual relationship that Easterbrook had with a subordinate, showing the former CEO lied and hid evidence during his departure. This went against his severance package, allowing McDonald’s to take him to court.

The New York Times shared more facts about the situation:

Since this scandal unfolded, McDonald’s has moved from offering a harassment training program to mandating one focusing on harassment, discrimination, and violence. It hopes to turn the company’s culture into one of honesty and integrity after years of eroding trust in its employees. However, only time will tell if such an enormous corporation will be able to do that.

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