DOJ Accused of “Abuse of Power” By Top Congressman

DOJ Accused of

( – The task of running our nation’s schools is clearly written into the US Constitution as a power reserved for the state, rather than the federal government. However, the Biden administration has been trying to increasingly usurp this power since taking office. Attorney General Merrick Garland is the latest to try and use federal overreach with local schools.

On Monday, October 4, Garland issued a memorandum detailing a “disturbing spike” in violence and intimidation from parents against school officials and boards after the National School Boards Association asked the FBI and other government agencies to investigate recent incidents. The AG stated the FBI will use “its authority and resources to discourage these threats.” HuffPost senior justice reporter Ryan Reilly shared Garland’s full memo on Twitter:

Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) was quick to respond to Garland on Tuesday, highlighting his “grave concern” over the Attorney General’s statement. He said it was “a politically motivated abuse of power and displays a lack of reasoned, sound judgment.” Buck highlighted the job of local police departments consists of responding to any threats, and they have been doing just fine with it thus far.

If the FBI steps in to investigate and prosecute parents fighting for their children’s education, many Americans may label that as federal intimidation on a local level. Hopefully, Buck’s words will ring true and Garland will step back from his latest power grab in order to let local and state police departments do what they do best: serve and protect their communities.

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