DOJ Won’t Protect Top Republican From Man Making Active Death Threats

DOJ Won't Protect Top Republican From Man Making Active Death Threats

( – When someone becomes a lawmaker, they expect the media to put their lives under the microscope and that their policies, opinions, or past actions will upset some people. Sometimes, however, citizens get so irate with a congressman or woman they threaten them. Usually, the government would help protect these lawmakers. But, when one certain Florida representative received a death threat recently, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) did nothing about it.

On Wednesday, October 20, US House Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) delivered a speech to his fellow lawmakers, declaring that “someone may be trying to kill me.” According to Gaetz, a Portland, Oregon-based Twitter user tagged the Florida representative and wrote, “Portland has ordered a hit on you. I accepted the contract.”

Earlier on Wednesday, the Investigations Threat Assessment Section of the Protective Services Bureau told Gaetz the man behind that tweet traveled to DC and the Capitol Police “recommended his arrest.”

Conservative site American Greatness shared what Biden’s DOJ refused to do after the police report:

The DOJ has not commented on why they refused to arrest the alleged “hitman.” With this, Gaetz accused the DOJ of “having a double standard” and asked his fellow lawmakers what would have happened if his name “were Omar or Tlaib.” Perhaps this is a question everyday citizens can ask as well.

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