Donald Trump Book Halted After Paper Shortage

Donald Trump Book Halted After Paper Shortage

( – Following nearly every presidency, the former commander-in-chief publishes a book or memoir in the years after cataloging their successes and accomplishments from their time in the White House. Former President Donald Trump did just this with his newly published book “Our Journey Together.” However, many Americans will have trouble getting their hands on it before the holidays due to a supply chain paper shortage.

On Tuesday, December 7, Trump officially released his coffee table book, selling over 130,000 copies in the first few days. However, Winning Team Publishing, which paid Trump millions of dollars in advance to print the book, told hopeful readers that it can’t send any new orders until January due to a paper shortage. Customers will receive a Christmas card from Trump to make up for the delay.

Newsmax shared more about the supply chain issues occurring under President Joe Biden’s watch:

In its first 24 hours, sales of “Our Journey Together” topped a million dollars, clearly showing Americans’ excitement and support of the GOP leader. If only President Biden was able to get a handle on the supply chain issues plaguing our nation so that the rest of the people who want the book can actually get it and read it.

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