Donald Trump Helps Newsmax Shatter Ratings

Donald Trump Helps Newsmax Shatter Ratings

( – Former President Donald Trump continues to host rallies across the United States to remind his loyal supporters about the freedom and liberty they experienced while he was president. Newsmax covered Trump’s latest rally in Cullman, Alabama this weekend, where he threw his support behind Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) and his bid for a seat in the US Senate. Trump’s speech also sent Newsmax’s ratings through the roof.

Data from the Nielsen research group shows over five million people viewed President Donald Trump’s Alabama rally speech on Newsmax. An estimated 3.3 million watched on regular TV while another 2 million watched through streaming devices. When the 45th president was on screen, he averaged around 1.7 million viewers per minute.

Political commentary site, The Columbia Bugle, shared a snippet from Trump’s rally speech:

During the same time period on Saturday night, Fox News only had around 602,000 viewers per minute. The once-beloved conservative network chose not to cover Trump’s rally. Nielsen’s coverage rating also revealed that in homes that have both Fox News and Newsmax available, the latter’s ratings were about 30% higher than the former.

All in all, this goes to show that Trump still has a powerful draw to Conservatives across the nation. His opinion is greatly valued by many Republicans, especially as the Biden administration continues to lose popularity. Now, Americans must wait and see if he will announce a 2024 presidential bid.

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