Donald Trump Says Democratic “Infrastructure” Bill Is Beginning of “Green New Deal”

Donald Trump Says Democratic

( – So many Americans enjoy former President Donald Trump’s honesty and straightforward demeanor. He says what he thinks and doesn’t leave our nation guessing as to what he believes. When the 45th president decided to speak about President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, it’s no surprise he condemned it, calling it “the beginning of the Green New Deal.”

On Sunday, August 8, Trump released a statement with the Save America PAC addressing the $1-trillion infrastructure bill. Rather than praising it, Trump highlighted that the plan has many items that are not “pure infrastructure,” like his proposed bill. Instead, it’s a step towards the Green New Deal for Democrats.

In calling it the “Green New Deal”, Trump is likely referring to the $21 million in environmental remediation, $7.5 billion for low- and zero-emission transportation and electric vehicle charges, and the $65 billion in funding heading towards broadband internet for rural low-income communities. These items in the bill are clearly high on the Democratic Party’s agenda as it moves towards big government with big power.

While this bill is smaller than Biden’s original $2.25-trillion proposal from March, it still provides Democrats with all the stepping stones to prioritize their green energy and government programs in the years to come — something Trump has warned Americans about time and time again as the Left chips away at our nation’s freedoms.

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