Donald Trump Signs Historic Agreement

Donald Trump Signs Historic Agreement

( – Since former President Donald Trump first announced he would launch his own social media company, his supporters have been eagerly awaiting the day it would be open to the public. For now, TRUTH Social, run by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), is only open to a group of beta testers. However, the former president just announced the next step in the launching process: an agreement with the video streaming site Rumble.

On Tuesday, December 14, TMTG announced it will pair up with the Canada-based video platform Rumble. Rumble will provide video infrastructure and streaming services to TRUTH Social, allowing the platform and apps to compete with other popular social sites.

Gadgets 360 shared more about this historic agreement:

Both TRUTH Social and Rumble have a track record for promoting a free internet and protecting users from censorship. This is a stark difference from many other social media sites these days, which commonly label conservative videos or posts as “misleading” or “false.” All in all, Conservatives are hopeful this new social media platform and partnership can balance out the progressive-dominated social media industry and provide a space where all Americans can freely share their thoughts and opinions.

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