Donald Trump Slams Twitter for Allowing “Stone-Cold Killers” Freedom to Speak

Donald Trump Slams Twitter for Allowing

( – Social media companies considerably ramped up their censorship of conservatives since January 6, kicking their anti-conservative campaign off with Twitter’s suspension of then-President Donald Trump from its platform on January 8. The social media giant says it continues to censor Trump and similar people under its policies on “incitement of violence” and “keeping people safe.” Somehow, those same policies haven’t gotten the Taliban kicked off Twitter yet.

President Trump Criticizes’ Twitter’s Atrocious Double Standard

On Wednesday, August 18, Trump spoke with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo about Twitter’s refusal to ban the Taliban from its site. Despite their horrific track record of beheadings and terrorism, the social media giant refuses to suspend the Taliban spokesperson’s account permanently. Trump highlighted that Twitter allows “stone-cold killers” to circulate information on the internet without any pushback.

Trump contrasted this to the site’s censorship of him, highlighting that Twitter canceled him “for a very innocent statement.”

Twitter Defends Its Choice

While some might optimistically think Twitter has not caught up with the Taliban yet, that is not true. In a statement to Newsweek, Twitter said it is reviewing the terrorists’ tweets for anything that may “violate Twitter rules, specifically policies against the glorification of violence, platform manipulation, and spam.”

This statement maintains Twitter’s anti-Trump stance, but it goes further than that. The site allows a terrorist organization to continue spreading fear and hatred while potentially recruiting and radicalizing others. However, this stance isn’t necessarily held by all Big Tech, as Facebook already banned the Taliban from its platform.

Parler CEO Also Slams Twitter For Its Protection of the Taliban

On Thursday, August 19, George Farmer, the CEO of Parler, published an op-ed with Fox News asking readers why Twitter is still giving the Taliban “space” on its platform. He contrasted Twitter’s “aggressive approach to blocking accounts” in the US with its lack of censorship on the Taliban, saying the Big Tech company is “playing partisan and reckless politics.”

Farmer emphasized that banning the Taliban from his site Parler was an easy decision to make and that “it should concern Americans that this decision is taking Twitter so long.”

What Is Twitter Waiting For?

There is no doubt the Taliban is a terrorist group that commits countless human rights violations. Yet, Twitter refuses to censor them while silencing Americans who question where COVID-19 originated. This difference is clearly a double standard. What is Twitter waiting for?

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