Donald Trump To Take Legal Action Against Big Tech

Donald Trump To Take Legal Action Against Big Tech

( – Former President Donald Trump has fought for the First Amendment rights of Americans since before he took office. Now, as the leader of the GOP, he continues to do so, this time through a new lawsuit against the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

At 11 am on Wednesday, July 7, Trump held a press conference to announce his lawsuit against the Big Tech companies that deleted his social media accounts after the events of January 6. The suit, filed in the Southern District of Florida, is in conjunction with the America First Police Institute and the Constitutional Litigation Partnership.

The filing seeks a class-action status, which, if successful, means other individuals who were censored by Big Tech’s biased policies would be able to join in and could possibly receive some of the “punitive damages” sought by the former president.

Chief Creative Officer for Turning Point USA and host at Newsmax Benny Johnson shared Trump’s announcement on Twitter:

Trump noted that there would be “numerous” additional lawsuits in the works to help protect Americans’ rights in the coming months, emphasizing that the censorship experienced by Conservatives this year is “unlawful,” “unconstitutional” and “completely un-American.” Hopefully, as Americans watch this lawsuit unfold, it will help secure free speech for all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, for decades to come.

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