Dr. Fauci’s Emails Show Unexplainable Discrepancies

Dr. Fauci's Emails Show Unexplainable Discrepancies

(ConservativeInsider.org) – This week, over 3,200 pages of emails from the desk of Dr. Anthony Fauci were released under the Freedom of Information Act. They revealed a lot of controversial information about America’s so-called top-infectious disease expert, leaving many Americans wondering if anything they were told by Fauci was true.

Fauci Tells a Colleague How Ineffective Masks Are

On February 5, 2020, before COVID-19 began to spread quickly in the US, Dr. Fauci told Sylvia Burwell, the Obama-era Health and Human Services secretary, that a “typical mask” is “not really effective” in preventing the spread of the virus. He went so far as to tell Burwell not to wear a mask at all because she was traveling to a “low-risk location.”

This is in stark contrast to Fauci’s asking Americans to wear one or even two masks to help stop the spread of coronavirus. In the email, he notes the virus is “small enough to pass through the material,” and according to the science we were repeatedly told to trust, COVID-19 particles didn’t get any bigger in the months following his early email.

Facebook Makes a Big Offer to Fauci

Big Tech’s ties to Democrats have been seen time and time again during the coronavirus pandemic. But, a March 15, 2020 email from Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Dr. Fauci could detail a deeper partnership. Zuckerberg highlighted multiple ways that his social media platform would push “authoritative information” on the virus, including a final idea that was fully redacted.

The next day, Courtney Billet, a close associate of Fauci’s, encouraged the NIH expert to take Zuckerberg up on his offers, noting they “have the weight and impact of television – really, more so.” Fauci responded on Tuesday noting he was “interested” in pursuing the suggestions.

However, the redaction code used to hide Zuckerberg’s suggestion was code (b) (4), which notes the censored lines would “reveal information that would impair the application of state-of-the-art technology within a US weapon system.” What trade secrets were Big Tech and Fauci colluding on, and how can this information be hidden from the American public when over 200 million Americans use Facebook nearly every day?

These Were Just Two of the Many Eyebrow-Raising Emails From Dr. Fauci

Also within Fauci’s emails was his ongoing suppression of theories that COVID-19 could have been created in a lab, a theory which is now back on the table after months of being told by liberal “fact-checkers” it was impossible. These emails show the many things Fauci kept from the American public, and it’s understandable many GOP lawmakers are calling for his removal as everything comes to light.

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