Elizabeth Warren Wants Joe Biden to Bypass Congress (REPORT)

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) once hoped to be the Democratic presidential nominee. For now, she’s settling to support Joe Biden, should he become President in January. In a recent op-ed for the Washington Post, Warren recommended the Biden-Harris administration begin their reign by using executive orders to bring about the promised change, effectively bypassing Congress.

On Wednesday, November 11, Warren outlined precisely what Democrats should do if they inhabit the White House:

  • Lower drug prices
  • Cancel student loan debt
  • Expand OSHA standards
  • Raise minimum wage for federal contractors
  • Declare the climate a national emergency

Warren laid out what she believes canceling student loan debt through an executive order would achieve on Twitter:

Warren failed to mention the tax bill that would have to accompany these proposals, which experts believe is in the ballpark of $4 trillion. Steep taxes would likely push jobs off our shores and leave Americans with little money in their pockets. Are a likely recession and blatant ignoring of our nation’s checks and balances truly what the Democrats want?

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