Elon Musk’s New Partnership Will Provide Phone Service in Dead Zones From Space

Elon Musk's New Partnership Will Provide Phone Service In

Elon Musk’s Newest PARTNERSHIP – Major Technology Breakthrough

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Most Americans have traveled somewhere remote and been unable to use their cell phone. While some still enjoy having places on this Earth everyday technology cannot touch, others find it annoying or even dangerous in some situations. Now, Elon Musk is partnering with T-Mobile to get rid of these “dead zones.”

On Thursday, August 25, Musk, who founded SpaceX and Tesla, announced his company will partner with T-Mobile to allow cellphone users to send messages in the most remote parts of the United States that usually do not have cell service. This program, named “Coverage Above and Beyond,” will use new Starlink satellites that will connect to phones users already have.

While the coverage will not begin to phase in until 2023, the companies hope it will eventually cover all of the US, including Hawaii and most of Alaska, as well as the waters around the nation and Puerto Rico.

This new service will take some time to roll out, and it will not have voice call availability for quite some time. However, it is certainly a major breakthrough for people fed up with dead zones, which T-Mobile estimates encompass around 500,000 square miles of the US.

Musk did admit during the announcement event that the new technology will not be a substitute for typical cell phone towers most networks use. But, it is still a huge step for those frustrated by the lack of messaging availability, especially in National Parks, which are notorious for poor phone service.

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