Expert Says Lockdowns Worst Mistake in 100 Years

Expert Says Lockdowns Worst Mistake in 100 Years

( – Anytime a new policy is made, people try to predict just what effect it’ll have on a nation’s welfare, economy, and culture. But, predictions are often quite different from reality. Recently, a medical and economics professor at Stanford University shared his thoughts on the COVID-19 lockdowns, declaring them the “biggest public health mistake we’ve ever made.”

In an interview with the Daily Clout, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya spoke on the coronavirus lockdowns, strongly condemning them for the “catastrophic” short- and long-term effects they’re having on public health. Dr. Bhattacharya not only decried the lockdowns as “not a natural normal way to live,” but they’re also “not very equal” as they further separate the rich from the poor.

Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, shared more of the professor’s thoughts:

Seeing an expert in both the medical and economics fields condemn the lockdowns is not surprising for those who lived through them. Thankfully, some states like Texas and Mississippi are reopening businesses so Americans who desire to have a social and public life again, can.

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