Expert Warns of Saboteurs Sneakily Crossing the Border

( – Gordon Chang, a foreign policy expert at the Gatestone Institute, is raising the alarm over the increasing number of illegal Chinese aliens crossing the southern border into the United States. He has said that there have been many examples of packs of Chinese males of military age, who pretend not to speak English and who are unattached to family groups, who cross the border and then disappear after being processed by Border Patrol agents.

Border Patrol has said that there were more than 200,000 encounters between their agents and illegal immigrants on the southern border during the month of May, and 10,000 Chinese nationals were apprehended during the previous 12 months alone. This is an increase of more than 300 per cent on the previous year, and Gordon Chang has said that he finds this to be a “disturbing trend.”

Chang said that what the Biden administration does not realize are the internal and domestic pressures that President Xi Jinping is under. The Biden administration is seeking peace and cooperation between the two countries, and all indications point to the administration believing that to be the goal of the Chinese as well.

The recent visit of the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to meet President Xi Jinping and to extend the hand of co-operation does nothing but project weakness at this crucial time, argued Chang.

Chang said that in reality, Xi Jinping may feel that he has to resort to war to unify the Chinese people, and that the infiltration of large numbers of Chinese nationals, crossing the border illegally into the US, may be the precursor to large-scale acts of sabotage in the event that Xi Jinping does declare war.

Chang pointed out that under such circumstances, the US should not be increasing cooperation with the Chinese regime, but rather making it clear to them that any acts of aggression will result in severe, draconian, and destabilizing outcomes for the Chinese.

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