Explosive New Study Reveals A HUGE MISTAKE In Hormone Therapy

New Study Shows Hormone Therapy Skews Gender Choice

New Study Shows Hormone Therapy Skews Gender Choice

(ConservativeInsider.org) – As science and medical advancements push forward, doctors are finding new ways of helping bodies thrive. But, they are also learning other ways to alter a body’s natural processes, such as puberty. Some medical professionals use hormone blockers on young patients questioning their gender identity. However, a new study has now shown that these drugs likely skew the kids’ future gender choices.

New Study Shows Results of Puberty Suppressants

A new study published in The Lancet on October 20 followed 720 children questioning their sexual identity while undergoing treatment in The Netherlands. It looked at whether the kids, all under 18, who took puberty-suppressing drugs ended up changing their minds as they got older. The findings revealed that 98% of those studied, meaning 704 patients, continued the gender treatment hormones into adulthood.

While the researchers interpreted the findings as “reassuring” that children were sticking with their original choice, others found the results quite worrisome.

Prior Studies Show Fewer Children Experiencing Gender Dysphoria in Adulthood

While the most recent study found nearly all kids stuck with their gender change as they grew up, older studies show how that decision was the minority for decades. A 2008 study revealed only 88% of females who experienced gender dysphoria as children felt the same way in adulthood. In 2021, a study found that 87.8% of boys that were gender dysphoric while young chose to embrace their biological sex and gender later on in life.

In contrast to the most recent one, these studies may show that if blockers are withheld, children typically grow up to embrace their biological sex.

Drawing Conclusions and Comparisons

Comparing the older studies to the most recent study, how are the numbers so drastically different? The main change between the studies is that in the latest one, the children undergoing the research received a hormone-disrupting drug. It seems that messing with a person’s hormones during the years their bodies change enormously may have long-lasting consequences.

However, the Biden administration continues to push that governments cannot restrict such procedures and prescriptions, despite their clear effects on the youth and the next generation. During a news forum aired on Sunday, October 23, President Joe Biden called the idea of anyone having the right to restrict decisions about how to treat gender dysphoria “wrong.”

Biden even called the decision of a child, who could be as young as 10, to take puberty suppressant drugs a “basic fundamental right.” Do you think these hormone blockers are truly safe, or could they be influencing children to continue on a transgender path that may have just been a normal process of growth and development?

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