Facebook Admits “Fact-Checks” Are Anything But

Facebook Admits 'Fact-Checks' Are Anything But

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Since the 2020 presidential election, Facebook, now known as Meta, has been labeling numerous posts on its social media site as “misleading” or “false.” However, after the Big Tech giant censored one man, he chose to sue the social media giant for defamation. This led to the platform claiming its fact checks and labels are actually done based on opinion, rather than truth.

After TV presenter and journalist John Stossel found many of his Facebook videos labeled with “false and misleading” tags, he called out the social media site for defamation. However, the social media company defended its censoring tags by arguing the labels “constitute protected opinion.” Following this definition further, Facebook admitted its fact-checks are simply views and judgments rather than legitimate facts.

Communications Director for the Claremont Institute Nick Short shared his astonishment that Facebook actually admitted its fact-checkers are anything but what the name implies:

Furthermore, Stossel highlighted in an op-ed for the New York Post that Facebook admitted his videos were indeed factual, but simply omitted information it thought was important. Yet, the social media giant continues to censor the videos, even after admitting it’s all based on their own views and opinions. Hopefully, social media users continue waking up to the blatant manipulation of truth by major tech companies and push for a freer internet.

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