Facebook and Twitter Under Attack From Both Sides After Their Radical Decisions

Facebook and Twitter Under Attack From Both Sides After Their Radical Decisions

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Facebook and Twitter have led a mounting campaign to silence and censor President Donald Trump over the past four years. On Wednesday, January 6, they finally blocked our president from accessing the platforms until he followed their account reinstatement policy, which included deleting multiple posts and tweets. This strong-arm tactic from Big Tech was met with harsh criticism from both sides of the aisle.

Facebook and Twitter Take Down President Trump’s Call for Peace

On Wednesday, January 6, shortly after people began storming the Capitol, President Trump posted a video on Twitter asking the attendees to “go home in peace.” Twitter quickly removed the video and suspended his account for 12 hours, while Facebook also removed the video and locked him out for 24 hours.

Facebook defended its move:

However, venture investor and entrepreneur Chris Sacca called Big Tech out for their continued attempts to divide the country through tampering with free speech:

Facebook Removes Likes From Public Pages

Censorship through deletion is not the only way Facebook manipulates its network to fit its needs. On Wednesday, the company released a statement saying it has redesigned Pages for public figures. Rather than garnering likes, users will only be able to become a “Follower” of a public figure’s Page.

While Facebook says this decision is to streamline the user experience, it’s likely just another way to silence opinions within its realm given the company’s track record.

Big Tech Under Pressure From All Sides

It’s nearly undeniable that Big Tech’s censorship and manipulation of algorithms have played a part in leading our country to its breaking point. Many Americans are pushing for a boycott of Facebook, including author Don Winslow:

Other citizens are asking people, including President Trump, to join Parler, the social media alternative known for supporting free speech:

In order to unite our nation once again, we must break down the barriers built by Big Tech and have conversations across the aisle. To do this, however, we need the freedom to speak our minds and whatever opinions we might have.

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